As a responsible breeder our first goal is to provide healthy well socialized pups. We focus on temperament and health first and foremost. 

To do this we have invested a great deal of time and money into our breeding program using only the healthiest dogs for our lines.

From housing, to DNA testing, to replacing and retiring adult dogs after only a few litters and occasionally adding new blood to our lines and of course top veterinary care and superior diet. 


Our staff consists of several dog loving adults and students that maintain a clean living environment and play with and walk the dogs daily.

All of this is reflected in the prices of our well bred puppies.

We do realize that this is a significant investment for most families so it is important to ensure you are starting with the healthiest of pups.  You will pay less initially buying a puppy from an Amish puppy mill or from a neighbours  friend  who had a litter but none of these dogs have been health tested and will more likely cost you a lot more in the long run. 


Our prices are subject to change without notice. However if you have deposited on a litter list already your price will be honoured.

If for some reason you chose to transfer your deposit from one list to another the price may change.



please contact for current pricing


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