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We are filled with excitement and anticipation for our 2022/2023 future litters:


- Emma x Hank    F1b labradoodles 
- Winnie x Hugo    F1 labradoodles 
- Nova x Hank       F1bb labradoodles 
- Aspen x Hugo     Standard poodles 
- Phoebe x Hank     F1 labradoodles 


FALL 2022
- Isla x Hugo     F1bb labradoodles 


WINTER 2022/2023
- Holly x Hank     F1 labradoodles
- GG x Hank   Standard  poodles 


We are currently taking deposits and names for our 2022 litters.

Please note:  Due to all of the Covid Craziness, it has become necessary to take deposits to be added to waiting lists 

It is called a “waiting list” for a reason.... you may have to wait months for the right puppy.... otherwise it would be called an “immediate list “. From the time the dog goes into heat until the time you take a puppy home is approximately 19 weeks! 

An ethical breeder only breeds with a waiting list as we want to be sure our puppies are wanted and going to be going to loving homes. Please be patient and we promise we will place a happy healthy out in your arms as soon as safely possible. We cannot rush Mother Nature.

Before being added to one of our waiting lists you will be asked questions regarding your life, your home, your other pets, your experience with dogs etc so that we can get a feel of what dog would fit best with your family. 

We also encourage ppl to ask questions or come to visit us and meet the dogs and see the facility. Of course, covid restrictions and safety rules will apply. 

Once you have been approved and your deposit has been received you will be notified that your name has been added and what number you are in pick order. I will notify you once we have had a specific pair bred and will update occasionally throughout the pregnancy. You will be notified once the pups have arrived and “picking” will begin in order once the pups are 2 weeks old via video, pictures and info on each individual pup. I do. It allows visitors with the puppies until they are a month old because it is too stressful for mommas and pups have a reduced immune system. Nobody but staff handles the pups till then. Pick order is determined by the order in which deposits have been received. 

Looking forward to helping you chose your new fur baby. 😊

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