Havapoos Dog Breed Information

A Havapoo is a mixed/hybrid breed with one Havanese parent and Poodle parent. They are a small dog that makes a great family pet.

Because Havapoos don't have excess energy, they can also make a good dog for individuals or families living in an apartment. The first Havadoodle was bred about 20 or 30 years ago.



With any relatively new hybrid dog breed, including the Havapoo, everything from appearance to personality can vary widely. This is true even within the same litter-especially early on, when one parent is a purebred Havanese and one is a purebred poodle. 

Sometimes called a poovanese, Havadoodle, or Havanoodle, the Havapoo has a soft, shiny coat that's wavy or curly (much like a poodle's), and comes in just about any color.

While he needs to be brushed thoroughly a few times a week to avoid tangles and mats, it's an easy enough job to do yourself, especially if you use grooming as an opportunity to snuggle and bond.

Havapoos don't shed much, thanks to those poodle roots-and that makes them a good choice for people with pet allergies.



A bright mind, a signature bouncy gait, and a deep and abiding love of laps describes the Havapoo temperament pretty darn well. He's not only a brainy little buddy, but he's eager to learn and show off his tricks, which may be no surprise. The Havanese is known as a trick dog, and both Havanese and poodles have long histories of performing in circuses.

This is an eager-to-please dog who's a delight to train using positive reinforcement, but you need to be mindful of how many treats vou're giving him as a reward -he can have a tendency to put on weight. Havapoos are loving, affectionate companions for everyone from active young children to seniors. Basically, if you have a lap and love to give, they'll be your best friend. They generally get along well with other family pets, too, including cats and other dogs.

But don't assume that snuggles are all he needs; this playful breed still demands daily exercise and stimulation to be happy and healthy.

While Havapoos aren't typically a yappy dog, they are alert and can be quick to bark when someone new approaches. They're generally equally quick to stop and befriend the newcomer, though, so while he'll play the watchdog, don't count on your Havapoo for any guard duties.


Living Needs for Havapoos 

Do you live in a home or apartment that allows dogs? Congratulations-you have a perfect space for a Havapoo. Even the largest of Havapoos aren't terribly big dogs, and they're as happy in an apartment as they are in a home with a big, fenced yard. Just make sure you're prepared to give them the opportunity to be active each day.

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